Krakow, Poland 13 July, 2015

I was awake earlier than I’d hoped but feeling good.  The hotel has an espresso maker with Illy coffee.  A couple of cups got me inspired to head down to the gym for a good hour and a half push.  Back to the room for a shower and some practise then a 1:30 lobby call for the airport for an hour flight to Krakow.  


Six of the nine in the band are sick, mostly some kind of stomach virus that is going around.  It was a sombre crew on the flight and at the gig.  Most went to see a doctor that was arranged at the show.  It’s a testimony to this bunch of men and their profession that it didn’t affect the show in any way even though most other people would have thrown in the towel.  Consequently, it was a short list at dinner tonight.  That said, I had a beautiful poached salmon in lemon broth with vegetables for supper and for the first time on this tour gave in to dessert… freshly baked apple strudel.


Tonight’s gig was the Tauron Arena, a newly built arena that we’ve not played before.  It was the first ‘sold out’ show of the venue… 12,500 people.  Though most of the band were walking wounded, it was a fantastic performance tonight, a tremendous show.  What a show it was.


A runner to the Krakow airport and a very subdued flight back to Vienna.  Mike and I being among the fortunate few though we’re waiting for our turn.  In the meantime, he and I had a couple of quick nightcaps down the bar when we got back.


Hopefully everyone will be on the mend tomorrow for an open air show near Vienna.


So long,