Leipzig, Germany 9 July 2015

It ended up very late last night.  After closing down the Augustiner Haus, John and I went up in Mike’s room listening to music and polishing off a bottle of cold white wine.  Slightly fuzzy this morning when I got up and the hotel coffee won the award for the worst coffee of the tour.  The kind of coffee that no matter how much milk you put in, it was still dark grey.  I managed to choke down one cup, poured myself a second but couldn’t bring myself to drink it.  Still, a shower and packing the bag quickly brought me to the surface.


A short drive to the Berlin train station and a stop at the take-away sushi then boarded the train to Leipzig.  Apart from the crap coffee I’d not had anything to eat since the night before at Augustiner and that was only grazing.  Once we got rolling I opened my box of mixed sushi and John, who was sitting next to me, apologetically opened his bag of McDonald’s.  He made a few excuses about not remembering when the last time it was that he’d eaten McD’s.  It occurred to me that his food choice was far more predictable and safer than mine…. fast food sushi from a place called "Tokio" in the train station in Berlin.  I had visions of getting violently ill but I was completely starving so ate it anyway.  It was crap sushi but at least I didn’t get sick and it filled me up.


Leipzig Arena tonight for 7,000+ great folks.  The Arena was very echoey and made for a tough gig even with the in-ear monitors.  The amazing thing with this band is that nothing is a problem, everyone just gets on with it and it always ends up a great gig.  Tonight’s show was no exception.  They're always fun shows.


A runner to the Legacy, a short hop to Munich (Munchen) where we’ll stay tonight, have a day off tomorrow and play here on Saturday.


So long,