Bad Kissingen, Germany 4 July, 2015

Back again for the second half of the European tour.  It was very good being home in Nashville for 10 days, lots of time with my family, good dinners and putting a fresh charge on my battery.


I arrived back in Frankfurt Friday morning.  What’s going on with the weather?  It was 36C./97F.!  Since I had the day off to centre myself back in Euro time-zone, I hit the hotel gym right after checking in and followed it soaking up a ray or two on the patio.  It was a short stay on the chaise lounge…scorching in that sun.  An hour’s nap in the afternoon seemed to put me right with the time change.  Both Jim and Glenn arrived today as well from L.A. and Wisconsin respectively.  It was a reunion for three at the hotel bar, post time: 6:30 for dinner, drinks… three orders of the same.. Vienna schnitzle and damn good it was.


Saturday the 4th of July the three Yanks met in the lobby of the Villa Kennedy and piled in with Alex our driver for a pleasant 1.5 hour drive to Bad Kissingen.  A spa town since the 800’s A.D. when the medicinal value of the baths were discovered, it has thrived as a resort and spa destination since.  Another scorcher of a day, we arrived in Bad Kissingen to 98 F.  Blistering.  It was good seeing the the guys again and catching up with everyone’s break.  With few exceptions, everyone did fuck all and looked all the better and rested for it.


After a very quick soundcheck we adjourned to catering which was also an inferno.  Hats off to Steve, Dave and Chris who’d been cooking all day in that heat.  Here’s what they whipped up tonight:

White Bean and Barley Soup

Roast Chicken with mash greens and gravy

Beef and Mushroom Goulash with rice and shredded beetroot

Teriyaki Salmon with egg noodles in a light lemon broth

Fresh strawberries and cream

Pineapple Carpaccio

Every dish is made to order, not sitting on a steam table.  I opted for the salmon and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life.  


The dressing rooms are scarcely cooled, just a bunch of floor fans.  It was a meet and greet and between sitting outside for dinner and the m&g I was already soaked.  We took the stage at 8 in front of 12,000 wonderful folks.  It was a great show.  Not having played for a couple of weeks the show was nice and edgy, really fresh, audience and band was great…clothes completely drenched.  After the final encore we piled into the vehicles, soaking wet, for another 1.5 hour drive to Stuttgart where we’ll spend the night an play tomorrow.  A couple of quick ones at the hotel bar and heading toward the bed.


Finally, the link below turned up a few days ago and I thought I’d post it here.  It’s a short 2-minute film about the making of Iris DeMent’s new album, Trackless Woods that I helped produce.  The album was recorded in the living room of her home in Iowa City, Iowa and this footage was shot while we were recording last year.  Trackless Woods will be released August 1.


So long,