Hamburg, Germany 16 June, 2015

We decamped Copenhagen this afternoon for a short flight to tonight’s show at the Hamburg O2 Arena.  Arrived in time for a bowl of split pea soup in catering then onto the stage for soundcheck.  


My friends Richard and Birgit Weize and their granddaughter Lina came tonight and we had a good visit backstage before the show.  Richard is Bear Family Records, THE leading re-issue label.  Quality has always been the hallmark of Bear Family, the music and the packaging and this year they are celebrating 40 years in the business.  If you’re not familiar with their catalogue, check it out here:

This was also Lina’s first big concert and we’re honoured it was ours.


A near capacity crowd of 10,000, it was a show with a lot of muscle and a lot of heart and it was good to be back indoors again.


It was a real runner tonight as there’s a very strict 11:00 p.m. curfew on flights in Hamburg.  Even if you are in line and cleared for take off, if the wheels aren’t off the ground at 11 sharp, the flight isn’t taking off.  Thanks to our tour manager Tim Hook we made it just in time for another short hop to the Koln airport followed by a 40 minute drive to Dusseldorf where we’ll base for the next few days.


So long,