Paris, France 3 June, 2015 Show #2

The second show at le Zenith was another sweltering rocker, fuelled enthusiastically by a great audience and a packed house.


Back at the hotel we gathered on the outdoor roof-top bar.  In the cool breeze we braced ourselves with martinis as we took in a spectacular view of the lighted Eiffel Tower and a bright full moon.  The lights of the Tower go out at 1:00 a.m. but just prior they begin flashing wildly, randomly, thousands of lights, turning the Tower into a giant sparkler top to bottom.  It’s one of those experiences in which you occasionally find yourself that will be remembered the rest of your life and makes you glad to be on this planet.  Paris at 1 in the morning, martini in hand watching the Eiffel Tower going off like a sparkling bottle of Champagne.  Not just another day at the office.


The foyer in my hotel room and it's adjoining off shoots is so large that i've sublet it to two families.  I continue to discover new things the longer I'm here.  For instance, the walk-in closet-dressing room there at the large vanity table is a nail dryer...a discreetly hidden indentation at the back of the mirrored table that with the touch of a button a fan gently blows air on freshly painted finger nails. Voila!  Who knew such a thing existed?


Thursday the 4th is a day off.  An open-air brasserie awaits me as does dinner with a friend this evening.  Whatever else happens between is icing on the eclair.


So long,