Manchester, England

Nothing like a second show to work out a lot of bugs.

We arrived at 5 at the M.E.N. Arena here in Manchester. Everyone had a laundry list of changes to make for their in-ear monitors. Kerry Lewis, a man of remarkable patience and our long-time monitor mixer, tended to everybody’s wish list and we proceeded with soundcheck, dinner, warm up the hands and change in to what we loosely call show clothes.

Tonight’s show ran about the same length as last night’s, well over the usual 2 hours of the last tours. There’s lots of new music and we’re all having a great time playing. The show here in Manchester felt like we’d been on tour for a couple of months, together and relaxed. The in-ears sound was miles better so consequently we were all playing well together. The few mechanical and logistical gaffes of the previous night were absent and it all made for a terrific gig to packed house of nearly 6,000 great folks, at least a quarter of them Mike McGoldrick’s family and friends. Mike can sleep well knowing he did his home town proud.

Below is a link to a few of the paintings of L.S. Lowry. Lowry lived his life around the Manchester area and only began to receive renown for his art very late in his life having worked until the age of 65 as a rent collector. Through it all he painted prolifically and is known for his industrial settings and “matchstick men” though his land and seascapes are absolutely beautiful.

So long,