Notes #1

Welcome to the first note from the road.

The last two weeks have absolutely flown. Rehearsals began 10 a.m. sharp on the 27th of April, the Yanks in the grips of jet lag and everyone happy to see each other again. It didn’t take very long for things to start sounding very good again, a testament to band and crew alike, both the best in the biz. The saying goes that every army travels on it’s stomach and to that end our heroes of catering are back with us for this tour as well, Chris and David. With lunch the first day we started wondering how to make it to the end of the tour in our current pants sizes. Those guys never fail to serve up a 5-star meal. Three entrees a setting, salads, soups, desserts? No problem. Gourmet, gastro grub… always.

We rehearsed for nine days then pulled up stakes and moved to a film soundstage north of London for full production rehearsals on stage with lights and sound. Everything is feeling fresh, relaxed and ready to go. I’ll not tip anything off but will say that there’ll be more than a few surprises this tour and we’re all feeling great about it. The first show is in Dublin in five days.

In past I’ve posted these road notes on a daily basis. I think with this tour I’m going to take it at a more leisurely pace but only slightly. Looking back on some of the past postings I found myself blathering on about not very much and I don’t want to take anyones time with that including my own. However it works out, these road notes will be frequent if not daily.

Finally, I want to say thanks for the overwhelmingly good response to my new record, Contrary Cocktail. You've all been very kind.

All right, here we go… Tracker Tour 2015.

So long,