Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Started this morning with a breakfast of note at the Tempo Cafe with Mark, Guy, Danny and road manager Steve. I had an Omni Omelette, three eggs, onion, green pepper, ham, swiss and cheddar cheeses, served in a skillet on a bed of hash brown potatoes. The coffee was good and the service great. Stopped at Marshall Field's on the way back for a box of Frango chocolate mints to bring home and then to the hotel for a little practicing.

We flew in to Milwaukee late, foregoing sound check and played in the Milwaukee Theatre, a 1920's theatre that has recently been re-done. It wasn't quite a full house with spotty attendance in the balcony. A somewhat subdued audience but still a good show. We are now down to our last 12 shows of the tour and we still go out on that stage ready to play and enthusiastic. It has been and is the best tour we've ever done.

An interesting combo of snacks on the plane ride back to Chicago, great sushi and Indian food. The winner of the Indian part was ribs in a stunning dark sweet and spicy sauce. Only 100 miles from Milwaukee to Chicago so a very quick flight and everyone pitched in and helped Laurie get the food out and picked up.

So long,