Ottawa, Canada

The day began in Montreal with a visit to the hotel gym, a sad collection of a couple of tired treadmills, some free weights--max. of 25 lbs., and one machine that claimed to do everything. These universal machines usually do many things poorly and this particular contraption did nothing at all as it was in-op. Still, I managed to get around it all for a pretty good work out. After packing my suitcase, a shower, and with an hour to spare before lobby call, I couldn't resist the temptation to pay another visit to Harvey's. The #1 combo seems to be my downfall--a cheeseburger, fries, and Pepsi. They've begun a promo today, giving a free monster sized Oh Henry candy bar with every combo meal. Who am I to insult the Harvey's corporation? I graciously accepted their reckless generosity with no regret and no regard. It was a shocking meal, the stuff 14 year olds eat and now I remember why. It tastes good.

We flew to Ottawa, the capitol of Canada, late in the afternoon and arrived at the National Arts Centre in time for a soundcheck. N.A.C. has been home to hundreds of musicals, plays, rock, pop, country, jazz, classical and folk concerts. With aging 8X10 publicity photos lining the backstage hallways, it seems everybody from Count Basie to Count Dracula has graced her stage. A good sounding theatre with a capacity of 2,250 and sold out, the audience was there to listen and were warm in their response.

A runner to the airport from the stage and to an idling G4 where obscene amounts of world class sushi awaited us. Trays and trays of it, each with it's own ball of wasabi the size of an ice creme scoop. There wasn't a scrap left by the time we touched down in Toronto, though I did ask for a doggie bag for the wasabi. A couple of drinks with Guy and Danny at the hotel; the iTunes hit of the night award going to the group St. Germain.

It's a day off in Toronto tomorrow as well as my 29th wedding anniversary which I will sadly miss, one of the drawbacks of touring. I love you Tina.

So long,