London, England

We were up early but didn't get out until 11 this morning for a tube ride to Oxford Street and a little shopping. Oxford Street runs for several blocks and is loaded with shops, really anything you would want can be found on Oxford Street. I'd forgotten how busy it was, teeming with people. I quickly had my fill of the crush so I headed back to the hotel and let the kids fend for themselves, which they can do admirably. Had a quiet afternoon practicing. When everyone arrived back I was surprised they'd purchased as little as they had.

With the Albert so close we walked to the gig, again arriving in time for soundcheck and dinner. Backstage is alive with the usual business along with everybody's families for this week. It's great having the kids around as they're all so into music, playing guitars and drums and very opinionated about their likes and dislikes. William Topley opened the show again this evening as he will for the rest of the week. William, along with his guitar player Luke and singer/percussionist Dori, is fantastic and they make a great noise the three of them, very rocking, musical and all acoustic.

We were all commenting after the show how the audiences the last two nights were different from past RAH crowds which are usually a little reserved, in part I think due to the venue. They've been wildly enthusiastic even though it is a seated house, though by the end it is no longer seated. We were amazed. Could it really be us? Whatever it is we're really enjoying the run this time.

Another reception tonight in the Lanson Foyer bar and a midnight walk back up Kensington High Street to the hotel.

So long,