Dublin, Ireland

Back to work today, if you can call it that, really it's more of a holiday. Two days off and we were all missing it, I don't know what were going to do when the tour ends.

We flew into Dublin arriving mid-afternoon and it was decided to abandon soundcheck in favour of naps and get down to the venue in time for dinner and the gig. Among the dinner choices Darren offered tonight was steak and Guinness pie, chunks of lean beef stewed in Ireland's black brew with carrots, spices making a rich gravy and topped with a flakey crust. Served with chips, corn and peas, it was a meal fit for royalty and not one to be missed. Brilliant and well done Darren & Co.

We had a surprise visit from Brendon Galvin who was our assistant road manager on the 2001 Sailing To Philadelphia tour. Brendon is now the manager of a theatre in Cork and is very pleased about staying close to home. He's a good man and it was great seeing him again.

The Point is a well know venue in Dublin, THE place to play which we've done before and it's always an exciting gig. Tonight was no exception, a sold out house of 4,500 and we hit the stage after a couple of days off ready to take on the world. A very enthusiastic audience despite security playing a heavy hand. A big cheer went up during Donegan's Gone for the line, "nobody loves like an Irish man".

After the gig we quickly made our way back to the hotel bar for several rounds of Guinness or Smithwick's (a terrific Irish ale.) Tomorrow it's an early departure so we can get to the venue in Belfast in time to watch the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Manchester United. Priorities are in order.

So long,