Tallinn, Estonia

I did absolutely nothing today, didn't get out of the room until it was time for lobby call. A quiet day was the thing and there's always e-mails and practicing to catch up on. I got a call from Ike, one of our drivers who very kindly scouted out a couple of record shops specializing in old vinyl and maybe 78s too. Ike's a great guy and a pal so when we have a day off here in Helsinki we're going to check them out.

It was a short flight over the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn, Estonia just south of Helsinki. Guy had read somewhere that Estonia had 1500 islands, but looking at a map and flying over we couldn't imagine where they'd hidden them all. It's a mystery I'll leave for him to figure out. The drive from the airport to the venue was slow due to traffic and took us through areas that looked like Moscow, grey concrete apartment blocks. The driver assured us not all of Tallinn was this way. We arrived at the Saku Arena just in time for a bite to eat and a meet and greet.

On the meet and greet front, the Hit It Assholes are getting a little testy with people backing into them while angling to take pictures of MK. I had my brand new robin's egg blue perforated loafers trod upon by some buffoon with a camera the other night. A few weeks ago some guy insisted on shaking Glenn's hand while he was occupied playing the bass. I've suggested to middle management that the Hawaiian group be cordoned off but am now on a mission to get some razor wire round us. One Guy Fletcher has been seen kicking meeters and greeters who back up too close. We're beginning to bite, and I don't mean musically. Conveniently, there was a table in tonight's greet room and I climbed up there to play. Just a bunch of happy kamaainas spreading the aloha spirit in our own belligerent way.

It was a brilliant audience tonight, really into it and enthusiastic. A couple of young guys on the front rail pogo'd through most of the songs, fantastic. It was good to get back to an arena type venue as the last couple of shows have been in odd places with odd ceilings and odd sound. We all had a great show and a swell time playing for a bunch of fab Estonians.

The usual after show airport run and a quick flight back to Helsinki for a little listening bash at the hotel, The Golden Gate Quartette, Matt Monro, Supergrass, Memphis Minnie, Ziggy and the Spiders era Bowie, Pet Clark, Toots and the Maytals, Helen Shapiro, you name it and somebody in this group will probably have it in their iTunes.

So long,