Ljubljana, Slovenia

We've had a well deserved 4 day break having completed 24 shows in 28 days. When we reunited this morning we all had the same story; I didn't know how tired I was until we stopped. Over the break in London I made my way to the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as having some good dinners and doing a little shopping. It was a few blue days with the loss of our dog during this time and I appreciated the notes I received.

Before we checked out of the hotel this morning I had breakfast with our friend Blaine Chaney who owns Shangri-La Studio in Zuma Beach, California where we recorded the Shangri-La album. Blaine is in London for the week and we had a good visit, albeit brief. From there it was off to the RAF Northolt air field where we were reunited with the Legacy and Susi for the flight to Ljubljana. As we flew in, the contrast of the snow covered mountains and the lush green valleys, plains and forests was amazing. Unfortunately, we're not staying here tonight so all we saw of this beautiful city was the ride from the airport to the venue. The town is neat as a pin and is a place I would like to come back and explore.

The gig was just the thing we needed after four days off. A stand-up crowd of 6,500 wonderfully enthusiastic fans. Whatever we gave they returned to us ten fold and it didn't seem like we'd been off for four nights, everybody swinging right back into place with loads of energy and enthusiasm.

A flight after the show to Prague (Praha) where we'll spend the night and base from for the next four days.

So long,