Dortmund, Germany

A Bondian day with four cities and a show in 8 hours!

The Hamburg marathon was on for a good part of the day, thousands of participants and many more thousand spectators along the routes. As a good part of the city was closed off to traffic, it was decided to stay in Hamburg until 4 this afternoon, fly straight in to Dortmund, no soundcheck and do the show. As the Dortmund airport was closed when our show was finished, we drove for an hour to Koln (Cologne), boarded the Legacy and flew to Brussels where we will base for the next few days, arriving just past midnight! MK and the band in very good form tonight.

Not much to write about Dortmund, I'd never been there before and apart from the drive to the venue and spending a few hours there, I know very little about it except it is an industrial centre. Maybe next time.

Even though the day was a blur, I managed a workout at the Hyatt in Hamburg which gets big point for a great fitness centre. I also finished writing a little Hawaiian tune that I'd begun the night before in the dressing room and I'm pretty pleased with it. If we do our meet and greet record it will make an appearance there and if not I'll just enjoy playing it round the house. Still untitled at this point.

All the best,