Paris, France

The largest indoor gig of the tour so far was tonight's show at the Bercy. A wonderfully enthusiastic audience of 16,000 with the floor standing and the band delivering. One of the many moments of cool was the end of Shangri-La, you could hear a pin drop for what seemed like an eternity followed by a thunderous storm of response.

After the show I met up with my friend Philippe Cohen-Solal, a club DJ, record producer and songwriter. He is currently enjoying great success with The GoTan Project that he conceived and produced. It's an album of tango music that has been slightly processed with house beats and some loops. It has young people out on the floor dancing to tango in a modern way. It's an album I highly recommend and it certainly gets loads of spins at my house. I met Philippe when I played on a project he did in Nashville last winter and we became good friends. It was great having a drink with him and catching up after the show.

Tomorrow's a day off here in Paris with no particular plan in mind but hoping for a sunny day to wander under Parisian skies.

So long,