Rotterdam, Holland

By the time I got out of the hotel today it would have been a rush to take in the Van Gogh Museum as planned. So much for culture. Instead I made a path for a re-run of yesterday's breakfast and just as I walked outside I heard the most beautiful sound of muted horns. I followed my ears to a bridge crossing the canal and there were three musicians playing Alpenhorns, a very long horn with an upturned bell that rests on the ground. The music arranged for the three Alpenhorns was warm and stately, truly beautiful. I dug deep in my pocket and gave them all my euro change and then some. Then it was on to Bredero's where upon close examination of the menu discovered that my Dutch word of the day, tosti, is not what I thought. Tosti means sandwich. Tost means toast. Well so much for my Dutch. I'll stick with tosti as it sounds better.

I had a couple of hours before our drive to Rotterdam, so I decided to continue my explorations this time heading off in the opposite direction and ending up in the University of Amsterdam area. Much less touristy, more book shops, clothes, records, bakeries and the ubiquitous head shops. Bob Marley is still king round here. The sun made a valiant effort at breaking through and it was warmer this afternoon. An easy Sunday in Amsterdam.

We drove to Rotterdam for tonight's gig, the first of two at The Ahoy. I first played this venue with Neil Diamond back in the 1970's and very little has changed about it since then. A standing crowd of 11,000 and a well played show on everybody's part. After the last song we all piled into the cars and drove back to Amsterdam, about an hour away, where we'll spend the night again. Tomorrow we pack up, drive back to Rotterdam for the second Ahoy gig then fly into Paris after the show where we'll take up residency for a few nights and a show.

So long,