Hannover, Germany

Travel-wise it was another day worthy of an Ian Fleming pulp or a U.S. presidential campaign, four cities in 12 hours.

Bags packed, showered and out the door with an hour to spare on a mission to find the world's best viennerschnitzel in Vienna. There was a beautiful bistro just across the street from the hotel with a menu in the window touting that very thing so it must be the place. Typically Viennese, old rich woods, ornate ceilings and mouldings accented with angels and gold leaf, dark inside, easy on the eyes, one of those places that had you been magically transported and woken there, you'd know immediately you were in Vienna. I had a spectacular viennerschnitzel the size of a small third world country with parsley'd new potatoes and a couple of Warsteiner's von dem fass, which literally means from the barrel. I've heard tell that a beer in the morning and the day is your friend. There just might be something to that. I couldn't have enjoyed my lunch more.

From Vienna we flew to Hannover and played a show working Shangri-La back into the set tonight. It was good to do it again, personally I'm lobbying for it every night. From the stage it was a runner to the waiting Legacy where our Susi had the healing gin and tonics and some fab Chinese food on hand. It was a quick flight to Rotterdam (the Amsterdam airport was closed) where we were met by the fleet of Mercedes and driven for an hour to Amsterdam, arriving very late and very tired.

Tomorrow we will play the first of two shows here in Amsterdam and will base out of the city for the next few days.

So long,