Barcelona, Spain

A day off and this will be a short one. For all my good intentions to get going early, I didn't set foot out until nearly 4 in the afternoon after having been to the gym and gone back to bed, still very tired from the gastric wars. I did manage to get about and hour of practice on the guitar and then called Glenn Worf who had a yen to do a bit of rambling down the Ramblas. The Ramblas is a long street that goes down to the harbour, with a wide promenade mostly closed off to traffic and loaded with stands, stalls, outdoor restaurants with tables and umbrellas where you can spend all afternoon over a paella and a few pitchers of sangria watching the people. It was cloudy and cool all day but Glenn and I spent about three hours down there, mostly camped out at one of the above tables nursing a couple of the world's largest beers. In the end we never finished them and that's saying something.

We returned to the hotel in time to meet up with Matt, Paul C., and Susi our stewardess for a meal at the oldest restaurant in Barcelona, The 7 Portes (7 Doors) that has been serving the city since 1836. The locals eat dinner quite late so we had no problem walking in and getting a table for 5 at 8:30. Paellas all round except for me and I went for the lamb cutlets with a prawn salad. All perfectly prepared and I highly recommend this legendary restaurant if you're ever in Barcelona.

Back to the hotel for an early evening and tomorrow we de-camp and play a show in Basel.

So long,