Bordeaux, France

Yes, I did wake early and get in that gym this morning. A splendid facility here in the hotel with really good treadmills, free weights and machines. All the guys in the band either work out or run and the benefits are many, a sense of routine from home, staying healthy and strong while touring and of course it allows one a free pass to eat chocolate bread and butter pudding now and again.

Bordeaux is one of those cities that I wish we'd stayed overnight, I enjoyed it so much when we played here in 1996 on the Golden Heart tour. Instead we'll see the airport and the route to the venue. The gig is another standing floor, meaning there's only seating up the sides and back of the hall. Everybody crams in shoulder to shoulder and stands for the length of the show and the audiences are so full of energy. Still, I think I'd find it too hot and close though nobody else seems to mind, occasionally someone will be overcome by the heat and have to be lifted over the front barrier and taken back stage for a little cool water and air, as was the case tonight. Me? I'll take an air cooled arena and an assigned seat every time. Getting old I suppose.

Drag of the day is awarded to the stomach virus that's swept the crew, is making it's way through the managerial staff and yours truly. It's seldom that I get sick but this is a vicious little bug that reduces grown men to moaning puddles. The great Tim Myer who looks after all of Glenn's and my instruments, took several leaves of absence during the show and was covered by Colin Barton another top drawer man in a crew that is second to none. The show itself was probably the best one yet, so many high points. Boom Like That is rocking like nobody's business and Romeo has been consistently great with Matt's piano and Guy's soundscape intro that is worthy of a Hollywood movie date. Mark playing in top form and we're sounding pretty damn good if I have to say so myself. How can you go wrong with the level of musicianship on the stage and MK at the helm?

On the plane going back to Barcelona after the gig, I began feeling a little gnawing in my stomach and by the time we landed about 40 minutes later I knew I was sick. Not a pretty sight and I'll spare you the details, but after being up most of the night in limbo between bed and bathroom, the sun's coming up and I'm thinking about some coffee and toast so maybe the worst is over. In any case I'll take it real easy in the food department.

So long,