Christchurch, New Zealand

A warm and wonderful show tonight at the Westpac Centre. One of those evenings where nobody could do wrong even if they wanted to, confident and relaxed, it's really the best professional way to play music. It's certainly how the old timers swung, with confidence and cool. There were so many high points tonight that I couldn't list them all and the entire show receives the moment of cool award.

This is the last show of this first leg of the tour. Tomorrow we all go to our families for about 10 days and catch our breath. Guy reckons we've travelled 21,000 miles in the last three weeks and as I write this, I'm 18 hours ahead of Nashville time! We resume the tour in Lisbon, Portugal on the 1st of April, so I'll sign off here and pick this journal/travelogue back up in about 10 days.

Thanks to all of you who have been following our travels.

So long,