Moody Masterpiece ... molten silver

Reviewer: Andy Ellis, Senior Editor, Guitar Player Magazine, November 2004

Session guitarist and producer Richard Bennett has worked with many greats, including Waylon Jennings, Emmylou Harris, the Everly Brothers, Ringo Starr, Steve Earle, Marty Stuart, Mark Knopfler, and Billy Joel. After years of playing a supportive role, Bennett has finally stepped into the spotlight with a solo album, and it's a moody masterpiece. Imagine the intersection point of Hank Marvin's keening Strat in the Shadows' "Apache," Vinnie Bell's throbbing baritone in Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks Theme, and the lonesome, reverb-drenched electric in Ennio Morricone's theme to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Springing from this crossroad of cosmic twang, the 12 instrumental originals on Themes from a Rainy Decade sound like music from another era. Bennett's tones glint like molten silver, his attack is unerring, his vision is relentlessly melodic, and the band?s accompaniment is appropriately retro. Many pickers visit the world of surf-meets-chaparral, but it's obviously Bennett's home.


This great record is all about tone, taste and feel!

Reviewer: Jeff Frankel

This record is all about tone, taste and feel. Richard's spirit shines through on each of these expressive and exquisitely crafted instrumentals.


For Diamond's, Knopfler's, Morricone's fans? For Richard Bennett's first!!!!

Reviewer: Valerio Barbantini

At last...what a great solo album!! Well, the "Rainy Decade" largely exceeds my best expectations: this album is simply a masterwork and a "must" in everyone's cd collection. The tunes, the melody and the arrangements are wonderful, and listening track by track, the recourring question is: what are we going to have next? Not easy for an instrumental record to keep the attention and the level so high. Not to mention the superb guitar playing of Bennett which is nowadays a true "trade-mark". Can't wait for the new Knopfler's tour to see Richard back in action. My favourites (well, difficult "cherry picking"): Riviera, Blue at Best, Flaming Palomino, Castaway, Ashes...goshh, I have to stop.


It's great!!

Reviewer: Armando from Acapulco Mexico

I feel it very influenced by Mark's music and I love it, that tremedously melodic tunes feels so great. Excellent job Richard!


Reviewer: Ble

Very good music. I am very happy.


Reviewer: eva

Good music for background listening, I liked the song Blue at best, sounded a bit like Django Reinhardt.


Fantastic CD. I recommend it to anyone who likes Mark Knopfler's current work.

Reviewer: David Levi, Boise, Idaho

I've seen Richard in concert with Mark Knopfler and I'm glad to see some of his own work in this CD. I knew nothing about this CD until I found the link on the MK web site. Listening to this CD allowed me to recognize the influence that Richard has on Mark and Mark on Richard. Keep the CD's coming.


Not so rainy

Reviewer: Samuel Lebon

The songs will grow on you like a good Shadows album or an Ennio Morricone soundtrack. Production is perfect, so is the sound. Each track has its distinctive style, mexican, hawaiian, bluesy... Richard Bennett is as good in his own name as on every album he has contributed to. This CD is just warm and melodious.


Memorable Music, Impeccable Guitar, Great Backing Band

Reviewer: Andrea De Mori

Richard Bennett stands along the line of musicians, such as Les Paul, Bob Wills, Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler, who've developed a style which synthesizes the richness and variety of the American musical tradition, dipping from Swing and Hawaiian all the way to Country, Jazz, Blues, and eventually Rock'n'Roll. Richard's Rainy Decade Album is a musical heaven for those like me who are nuts about vintage Gretsch and Strat sounds, played with well balanced dose of Bigsby, tremolo and character. Each piece is a gem of melodies, arrangements and execution, the Band is in superb shape, and Richard digs out a panoply of textured tones and musical vocabulary to bring out the best in each composition. The most remarkable feat is that all this is achieved without compromising good taste and accessibility. So for most of you who are not necessarily obsessed with all this guitar talk, this album will offer memorable music, and will be just as suitable for serious listening as for providing the perfect background to an afternoon tea or to a summer drive in your Chevy.


Tremendously enjoyable!

Reviewer: Bev

I loved the various moods created in this CD. It is something everyone would enjoy. Perfect background music for any occasion. Great guitar playing. Loved Richard Bennett when he was touring with Neil Diamond, and Richard is still a consummate guitar player.


Oh yes.

Reviewer: lavonna


Guitar Master

Reviewer: Connie

Having been a lifelong fan of Neil Diamond's makes me a fan of Richard Bennett's. This CD is a by a guitar master that includes a little old time rock & roll and wonderful guitar sounds that will make your day. It's a must-have for any collection. Thanks for doing it, Richard.


Great music!

Reviewer: Pierrick Le Monnier

Great music by a great musician. Richard Bennett masters the guitar world! This album is a wonder. For guitar and music lovers!


WOW!! KUDOS for a great CD!!

Reviewer: Donna Sheraden

This is one of the best instrumental CD's I have ever listened to! Just love all of the genres of music played--totally awesome!


Fabulous! This album is a must have for guitarists.

Reviewer: Jeff Stefan

I've long been an admirer of Richard's work, especially with Mark Knopfler. This album is an unusual gem-- all guitar instrumentals with machine-tool precision playing, arrangement, and production without losing sponteneity and freshness. According to the liner notes, these tracks were cut live with little or no overdubs, which benefits the entire listening experience.


Great nostalgia-inducing guitar instrumentals.

Reviewer: Steve Hodgetts

This CD is full of the big guitar instrumentals, as claimed on the web page. The production is perfect, as you would expect from an accomplished producer working with the best studio musicians Nashville has to offer. The themes are very reminiscient of the British group The Shadows, but by way of a tribute to that glorious sound. If you like The Shadows (or the Ventures), this is an album you must have.