Salzburg, Austria 24 June 2013

The weather's become cool and rainy today as we-camped Vienna after a great 5 night stay.  Somehow my belongings weren't too scattered after that amount of time and repacking the bags went quickly.  Or maybe after several months I've finally figured out where things go.

A quick flight to Salzburg.  The weather system is so thick that we never really rose above the clouds though it was a smooth flight all the way.  As we descended into Salzburg the countryside was lush, thick patches of dark green forests in among cultivated farm and crop land.

Tonight's venue was the appropriately, if not creatively, named Salzburg Arena.  It was a first, we've never been here before in the time I've worked with Mark.   We played to a packed house of 4,500.  It was good show for good folks who came out.

As the airport is very close to the venue, it was a quick runner and we were on the Legacy, drinks in hand before we knew it.  Liz rounded up some very tasty wiener schnitzel and potatoes for dinner.  I'd heard rumour of it and decided to skip dinner at catering, have a banana instead and hold out for the food on the plane.  Delicious.  About 90 minutes later we touched down in Paris light as a feather.  The plane that is.  We were all at least 5 kgs. heavier from all that schnitzel.

Tuesday the 25 is a day off and we'll base from Paris now for the next several days.

So long,