Caen, France 27 June 2013

An extra hard push at the gym this morning to counter the calories absorbed in Paris.  There are butter molecules in the air here, and all I know is this; between the bread, pastries, food and desserts, unless you're a saint you're sunk.

A very early afternoon departure for the airport and a short flight north to Caen for our show at Zenith.  We arrived at the venue early and tonight's show was late, 9:15.  Even with the usual soundcheck, dinner, warm-ups, etc. there was still loads of time to kill.  By the way, dinner was nothing short of a miracle of flavour.  One of four fabuous entrees was sautéed veal with mushrooms and gnocchi in a deep, rich brown creme sauce and was remarkable.  A large bowl of it arrived in front of me, my first thought was to have a small portion and leave the rest behind.  Can't be done, too magnificently delicious.  Back to the dressing room after dinner which has now been dubbed the recovery room.  Practised, read.  I watched the first part of Ruth's show, we all love her and the band, it's great having them along for these next few nights again.

Finally, it was time to get dressed and take the boards.  A capacity crowd of 4,500 filled Zenith.  It was a great show, some technical problems with in-ear monitors and instruments not plugged in properly, but it made little difference to the show.  We had a great time playing and the audience in Caen was warm, gracious and so enthusiastic.  Ruth joined us for three songs tonight and her voice is magic not to mention her rhythm guitar playing.

A runner and the return flight to Paris.  The drive back to the hotel much quicker at that hour than the drive to the airport earlier in the day.  I walked in the room to find the maids had left a tower of chocolates, cookies and other confections on my coffee table.  This is what I mean about Paris, you're absolutely sunk.

So long,