Dijon, France 30 June 2013

We de-camped Paris today after 6 days of basing there.  One final ride through the Parisian traffic, though not too bad this Sunday, to the airport.  Up and away.

Landed in Dijon, a beautiful agricultural area south-east of of Paris.  Tonight's show in another of the Zenith chain of arenas, nearly identical inside to last night's only a little smaller.  Sound check, dinner.  Dinner:  glazed salmon in a prawn broth with ramen noodles and julienne vegetables.  Another entree; pan fried gnocchi is garlic olive oil tossed with fresh tomatoes and wilted spinach then dusted with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  I ordered a hybrid of the two, salmon with a small side of gnocchi.  Spectacular.

Our fifth show in a row found us bidding adieu to the wonderful Ruth Moody and her band, the last gig for them with us before they move on to a series of shows in the U.K. then a summer full of festivals in Canada and the States.  It's been great having them along.  Ruth has two solo albums and several as part of the vocal trio The Wailin' Jennies.  They are all worth checking out.

The French audiences have been so generous with their enthusiasm and appreciation and tonight was no different.  Good showing on our part as well.

A runner followed by the usual short flight, g&t, Indian dinner, mirth and merriment.  We landed in Cologne, Germany where we'll put our collective heads down and have a welcomed day off tomorrow and a necessary one for the crew who've been run hard and are very tired.

So long,