Halle/Westfalen, Germany 3 July 2013

Checked out of Cologne for a very short flight north west to Munster, Germany.  From the airport it was a 45 minute drive trough rolling agricultural and farmland with the occasional farm house or village.  Just when I thought there couldn't possibly be an arena or venue, there was the Gerry Weber Stadium.  Weber, a long time tennis fan, made his money with a very successful clothing business.  He'd always wanted a Wimbledon in Germany so built one in the countryside and started his own Gerry Weber Open.  The pro's and people came.  The stadium has a retractable roof with high banked seating that rises above the court and holds 7,000+.

Tonight the court was covered over with a protective floor and It was a full house as we took the stage.  Even though the roof was closed, daylight was streaming in throughout the whole gig making for good people watching from the stage.  While 7,000 people is a lot, because of the seating arrangement it gives the venue an intimate feel and the show was fun and relaxed.  The audience was brilliant, really listening, especially with a tune we've never played live before... Dream Of The Drowned Submariner.  Nigel Hitchcock played clarinet along with Mike on wood flute and John on whistle to create a fantastic little wind ensemble, a beautiful combination.  Anyway, it's a song that requires listening.  It was a great evening the band and audience in it together.  The crowd was so loud and enthusiastic at the end of the show we could still hear them as we drove from the stadium.

A runner back to the Munster airport.  Although we're flying in a private jet, depending on the airport we still must clear a security check and so it was last night.  Christina is giving our usual attendant Liz a week break and had bowls of past in truffle oil for dinner.  She also has the knack for a gin and tonic.  We soon touched down in Dresden where we'll spend a couple of nights and play an outdoor show on the 4th.

So long,