Stuttgart, Germany 6 July 2013

Sorry, I'm a little late getting this one posted.  It's 6 in the evening Sunday, the day after we played Stuttgart and I'm pecking this out from London where we're taking a couple of days off.

Stuttgart was our final show in Germany for this tour and it's been a great run of gigs in that beautiful country, all completely sold out and fantastic audiences.  Last night's was no exception, about 10,000 people turned up and we turned it on at our usual venue in this city, Schleyerhalle.  Sadly, it was the last show that Nigel Hitchcock will do with us on this tour.  It's been great having Nige along, he's a brilliant musician and wonderful guy, we look forward to seeing and playing with him again.

Also, we're now into the home stretch of the tour, with Stuttgart behind us we only have 18 shows left of this Privateering tour.  Normally at this point of a tour one begins to weary but I have to say this tour has been a pleasure from day one and I'm feeling better than ever.  It will be with mixed feelings that I see this one end in three weeks and will savour every show of what's left.

We flew to London last night after Stuttgart, the Brits returning to their homes for a couple of days rest and the Yanks cooling their heels in a comfortable hotel.  It will be dinner with my son who currently lives in the city tomorrow night and apart from that not much else.  We get back to the tour on Tuesday flying to Nimes, France for a show and then it's off to Italy, Switzerland, Malta and Spain for the final run of this memorable tour.

So long,


PS    This just in....our show on the 21st in Loerrach is Germany.  I stand corrected