Lorrach, Germany 21 July 2013

We met up in the lobby late afternoon for a relaxing hour drive to Lorrach, Germany.  Close to both the Swiss and French border, Lorrach is located in the south-west of Germany and a quick peek at Wikipedia says the city's biggest industry is the Milka Chocolate factory.

It was an open air town square gig in this picturesque city.  But before we get to that, today was the return of our wonderful catering crew.  Actually, they had gone anywhere but for the last several gigs, for various reasons including logistics and the event having it's own catering contract, they have been off duty.  Good for them but terrible for us.  We've missed there wonderful meals more than we can say.  In fact it seems like a week since we've seen them and have endured a number of very mediocre catered dinners.  Tonight's food was a miracle, cool and tangy gazpacho, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, fresh whole baked salmon with Cajun spiced shrimp, roast chicken with gravy and vegetables.  I honestly haven't eaten much the last three days and was more than ready.  I had portions of all three entrees.  Just for good measure I finished it off with the most spectacular bread and butter pudding laced through with chocolate.  Honestly we all ate like we'd not had a crumb in a month.  Thank you Chris, David and Georgie.

Oh yeah, there was a gig too.  Another great one, for 5 or 6,000 people shoehorned in shoulder to shoulder, hanging out of hotel windows and open air cafes.  As I've said in past, we're all in this together... us and the audience.  Tonight was a perfect example of them giving as much to as we dished out.  A great gig followed by a runner back to Zurich and another relatively early night.

So long,