Madrid, Spain 26 July 2013

We packed the bags and de-camped Barcelona arriving midday in Madrid.  The sun blazing and low humidity reminded me of where I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.  I love that kind of heat.  We checked in at the hotel and cooled our heels until it was time to go to the venue at 7:30

Our usual spot to play in Madrid is the large bullring built in 1929 and still used for that purpose.  Our good crew was definitely feeling the heat of a long day and late load in not to mention the culmination of a gruelling tour.  Still, everyone was in good spirits as we all are.  At dinner Guy presented everyone in the crew and band with the most fantastic gift, a cookbook he'd been working on in secret for months along with our crack caterers.  He's been spending a great deal of time in the kitchens of the various venues, camera in hand and cajoling Dave, Chris and George to write out and quantify recipes that they "just make up as they go along".  It is beautifully photographed, detailed, printed and bound... a proper cookbook that will find a prominent place in our kitchen.  I plan to make use of it straight away as soon as I get home as well as bringing it on our family holiday down to the Gulf of Mexico and give these recipes a test drive.  Thank you to the ever brilliant Guy Fletcher for this fantastic tour memento, a gift that will keep giving.  The band and crew all gathered round Chris, Dave and George with their cookbooks, pens in hand asking each to sign them.  It was like having your mates sign your yearbook at graduation.  We're all grateful fans of the three of them and they've looked after us so well these last four months, not just fed us but done so royally and deliciously.  Hats off to Dave Eskinazi, Chris Desmond and George Baker.

It was a capacity crowd of 8,500 fantastic Spanish fans tonight and a spirited show from us, not a perfect one but one with a lot of heart.

Over the last few days I've begun to transfer my stage clothes from the wardrobe trunks back to my suitcases and off load a few things I've picked up along the way to my instrument trunks to be sent back to Nashville.  We are quickly coming to a close now, just four shows left of this wonderful tour.

So long,