San Sebastian, Spain 30 July 2013

San Sebastian sits on the border of Spain and France on the Bay of Biscay.  Although we arrived very late last night...early this morning, I was up and at it by 10 o'clock aided by the delivery to the room of two, double espresso.  I'd been slack the last few days about getting down to the gym, in equal parts to travel schedule, crap gym and laziness.  Fully caffeinated, I got myself down there this morning for a good 90 minute push.  Beyond that it was a quiet day of practise and re-organising my bags for making my way back home.  This is a beautiful city with the beach just down the street, but instead I threw open the French doors of my room and let the day come in to me.  Tomorrow, our final day, will be long on travel and short on rest so I simply took things easy today.

Tonight's show was the last of the bullring gis, the Illumbe Bullring.  Inaugurated in 1998, it's a modern facility with a retractable roof.  It was a beautiful night, the roof was open, the temps were perfect, the band in great form and the audience of 6,000+ was fantastic.  It all added up to a wonderful show here in San Sebastian.

We came off stage just after midnight for a runner back to the hotel where we gave the bar a good work out.

So long,