Liverpool, England 19 May 2013

It was less than an hour flight from Newcastle south to Liverpool.  The fleet of Rovers waiting on the tarmac but only after quite an ordeal with airport security.  It seems that nothing had been set up prior to their arrival and the authorities, very suspicious, only allowed access after a rigourous search of the vehicles and drivers literally down to the soles of their socks.

We were taken from John Lennon Airport to Liverpool's Echo Arena.  Not exactly an encouraging monicker if your their to play music, happily the name didn't reflect the sound.  We spun through a few songs for soundcheck then piled in to catering for a spectacular dinner.  Tonight's entree offerings: beef wellington, roasted chicken, pasta in a garlic olive oil with chillies  and miso crusted cod in hot and sour broth with bok choy and chillies.  I ordered the latter and it was one of the best things I've ever tasted.  It was such a tempting menu that several ordered smaller portions of a few things.  A humble hats off to our amazing chefs, Chris Desmond, Georg Baker and David Eskinazi.

A good show tonight with a particularly great showing on Sultans of Swing and Seattle.  A hint of Ferry Cross The Mersey made it's way into the end of Seattle and got some applause from those old enough to remember that great song.

A runner back to the Lennon Airport that went smoothly until we hit security and once again it was a serious down-to-the-soles-of-our-socks experience.  Once on board the plane, Liz was there with drinks of choice waiting and braised lamb shank.  Given how much I'd had for dinner combined with the shortness of the flight I opted out as did a few others.  We arrived in Bournemouth and drove about a half hour to Lyndhurst and an old country estate in the forest that's been turned into a hotel.  My room is in an old carriage house, has two floors, a tall beamed ceiling, a working fire place and a walk out porch that faces the forest.  A day off and a couple more based from here.  I predict a comfortable few days ahead.

So long,