Bergen, Norway 12 June 2013

Bergen, the second largest city in Norway sits on the west coast, it's city centre is on the Byfjorden and is surrounded by mountains.  One of Bergen's main industries is tourism with it's old, leaning wooden buildings and store fronts along the harbour and picturesque hills and homes rising behind.

Awake early this morning and room service was not an option in this rather unusual hotel where the reception desk serves double duty as the bar.  No complaints, got dressed, headed out into the cool, grey, misty morning for a walk along the harbour and found a little bakery shoppe that served coffee.  I tumbled in for a couple of double espressos and a freshly baked scone then out again for a walk around the waterfront.  In the afternoon back at the rather unusual hotel I was treated to my very own fjord on the floor of the bathroom after a shower.  One of those hand-held afterthoughts on a bracket installed in the tub with a swinging glass door enclosure that never really encloses enough to prevent the water from running all over the place like this run on sentence.  Among other things lacking in this rather unusual hotel is a bar of soap.  Attached to the wall of the bath tub is a dispenser with liquid 'body wash'.  I hate liquid 'body wash'.  I hate the phrase 'body wash'.  I hate the feel of it and the feeling that the 'wash' never completely rinses off my 'body'.  I freely admit to being particular when it comes to certain things, this is one.  I like soap.  A bar of it.

Tonight's show was an outdoor gig, part of a summer series held on the grounds of the Medieval fortress Bergenhus, dating back to the 1200's.  Until 1299, Bergen was the capital of Norway and within the Bergehus walls were the royal residences.  Excavations have revealed foundations of buildings from before 1100.  The day was cloudy, rainy and cool and continued all through the show with a stiff wind whipping up blowing the rain onto the stage while we played.  The wonderful crowd of 6,700 standing people scarcely noticed and the weather didn't hinder them or us from having a great show.

Foregoing the usual runner we decided to hang around at the gig for an hour or so after the show, have a drink in the dressing room then made our way back to the rather unusual hotel for a last round down at the reception desk.

So long,