Frankfurt, Germany 18 June 2013

It was a much needed and well deserved day off Monday the 17th here in Frankfurt.  Staying in one of our fave hotels with a great gym, not overloaded with gear, but just enough to get a good push, plenty of space, cool, quiet with a large adjoining room for floor exercise.  I think it was full attendance down there by all throughout the day.  From there to the outdoor patio just off the indoor pool, for some sun.  It was a real scorcher, predicted for 34c./86f. I think the thermometer sailed up a few clicks higher than that.  I managed a half hour out there and that was about all I could take.  The rest of the day spent puttering, writing, playing guitar and that evening another fabulous band dinner... thank you Mark.  Finished off with a night-cap at the this hotel's luxurious, large and lavish bar named after President Kennedy, JFK's Bar.  The bar tender knows how to whip up anything you could ask for, masterfully.

Tuesday's show was our old stand-by venue, Festahalle with it's massive glass domed ceiling.  Today's temps were equal or higher than yesterdays and that dome combined with the absence of air-conditioning turned the Festahalle into a real hot-house.  We arrived and were greeted by a well rested crew who desperately needed their day off yesterday.  Chris, Dave and Georg our brilliant chefs had once again topped themselves.  Hard to decide from tonight's entrees but I settled on a delicious pan seared tuna steak atop rocket and tomato carpaccio and a side of fresh pasta and pomodoro.  I've been very good about avoiding desserts this trip and did so again tonight but with great difficulty as it was one of my favourites, banoffee pie...sliced bananas in creamy caramel toffee and freshly whipped creme on top a crust of ground graham crackers.

The dressing rooms in the basement of Festahalle were stuffy and hot, fans moving what little air there was.  When we went upstairs to the main floor lever it was noticeably warmer and when we climbed the stairs to the stage is was hotter still.  The gig tonight would be a strong contender for the hottest show in a very long time, sweat pouring off all night, my clothes completely soaked through by the end.  The audience was fanning themselves throughout the evening as well.  The heat didn't impede them or us from having a fantastic evening and great show, however I couldn't help thinking, what wouldn't I give for a  blast of that frigid air we'd endured in Gothenburg a few nights back.

A runner back to our fab hotel, quick shower then down to the spacious patio outside JFK's Bar where a long table had been set with linen, platters of starters and fresh pasta appeared along with bottles of the most delicious Italian red wine all courtesy of our promoter here in Germany.  Thank you Marek Lieberberg.

We'll de-camp tomorrow and look forward to returning soon to Frankfurt.

So long,