Vienna, Austria 20 June 2013

Apart from a much needed 90 minute push in the gym this morning, I spent the rest of the day luxuriously on my own reading and working on some new guitar tunes.

Tonight's gig was at our usual Vienna venue, Stadthalle.  I would have put a packet down that we'd have Wiener Schnitzel for dinner tonight.  Glad that bet wasn't offered up as I'd have lost.  Chris, Dave and Georg went all out this evening... Indian night.  Spicy lamb jalfrazi, butter chicken, sag aloo (spinach and potatoes), channa massala (chick peas in tomato sauce), onion baji, vegetable samosa, paratha (Indian bread), papadam, raita, prawn curry and more.  We arrived at 4:30, soundchecked at 5 and piled into Nirvana a half hour later.  Fantastic and I'll get me schnitzel tomorrow as it's a day off here in Wien.

Another 37c./100f. blazing day.  Thankfully the arena was air conditioned and not uncomfortable at all.  We played a couple of tunes tonight's that we've not done for a while, Seattle and Shangri La and it was great to get them under our fingers again.  Another great night of playing and a very demonstrative audience of 7,300 good folks.  Thanks Vienna.

It was an early show and we made it back to the hotel before 10 o'clock.  I had a beer with the boys and opted for a quiet and early night in the sack.

As mentioned, a day off tomorrow followed by a gig in Budapest on Saturday.

So long,