Home Again

Great being back home again though it was a long day of flying and milling around airports getting here. The flight from London to the States sat on the ground at Heathrow for nearly two hours due to a mechanical problem and when it finally took to the air we faced high head winds all the way, strong as 170 mph at times, delaying things further.  By the time we landed in Chicago all connections had been missed and re-routing was a must. That left me with three hours to kill in the Chicago airport.  I found a bar and grill there called O'Brien's and had a surprising good marinated steak sandwich with grilled onions, cheese, fries, had a couple Jameson's Irish whiskeys and stretched it out as long as possible. That left me with only two hours to kill before the flight to Nashville.  I crossed my doorstep at 11 o'clock Sunday night having been en route for 17 hours and awake almost 24!

The recording we did in London these past couple of weeks with Mark was nothing short of brilliant.... the songs, performances as well as a couple of the guests that joined us for a few days each; Tim O'Brien and harmonica legend Kim Wilson.  No idea when this new record will be released but I think it's safe to say sometime in 2012.

My son Nick has just posted a new song he's written and recorded (as Nudity) called Leaves Of Grass. It's marvelously played, exquisitely written and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. http://soundcloud.com/nudity/leaves-of-grass 

I'm heading in to begin an album next week with Iris DeMent and Bo Ramsey, looking forward to seeing them both again.  This record will take me right up to the holidays so here's wishing you all a warm, joyous holiday season and all the best in the coming new year.


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