Dog Days

Last month's posting boasted of perfectly mild weather.  That all changed a couple of weeks ago when a heat wave stalled over the south bringing temps in the 100+ degree range for nearly two weeks.  We broke records daily and when we hit 109, blew into territory Tennessee has never experienced since the time records have been kept, going back to the mid-1880s.  Being raised in Phoenix, it was just like being back there... low humidity, high heat.  Many kilowatts were consumed by air conditioners trying to keep pace.  Lawns looked like hay fields and trees dying as we entered a severe drought as well. The weather broke a few days ago and we've had several days of much needed and welcomed rain.  

We finished recording with Sheryl Crow yesterday and I'm sorry it's over, we had a great time and made some memorable music that probably won't be out until next year some time.  We did the first bunch of recordings in a big studio here in town, but for this second round of sessions we inaugurated Sheryl's studio at her home...actually, it is above her horse stables!  It sounds fabulous and is a great environment to work in.  

Phil Lee's new record is now mixed and sounding raw, rough and fantastic.  Next week I'll be recording an album for singer, songwriter and newcomer Brent Cobb, followed by a few days in the studio for my own album.  

Check out this great internet streaming radio station,  Beautiful, melodic jazz, vocals and instrumentals.  They seem to have taken a liking to a couple of my own things from the last two albums and I'm flattered to be in such good company as Ben Webster, Chet Baker, Nat Cole, Paul Desmond and so many others. 

Stay hydrated!