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Back to the regular Notes From Nash format again for a while, the road notes safely tucked away and a memory now. The tour wrapped the night of the 21st of November in Brooklyn and the following afternoon, Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., I was home again... a perfect day to reunite with my family over a home cooked dinner and with so much to be thankful for.  It didn't take long to unpack the bags and put them back up on the shelf for a few months.  Still, they won't be gathering much dust as we'll be heading out again for a long three month tour of U.K., Western and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia beginning in April of 2013.  Just round the corner really.  I've been enjoying this time home and looking forward to a few projects coming up in the new year prior to April.

I will be taking a very short trip back to New York in ten days to play with Iris DeMent on A Prairie Home Companion, a long running and very popular radio show hosted by Garrison Keillor.  For those not familiar with PHC, it's like an old time radio variety program with music and comedy and it has been on the air since the late 1970s in America.  The shows home base is St. Paul, Minnesota but they take it on the road to different cities throughout the year. December 15th it will broadcast from Town Hall in Manhattan.  Iris's album that I co-produced with Bo Ramsey is doing very well, getting wonderful reviews and I'm really looking forward to playing a few tunes with her live on the air.

My friend Henk Quintelier has been doing a fantastic bit of forensic work, digging up all kinds of stuff about things I've done over the years, records I've played on and folks I've worked with that I'd completely forgotten about. He's really conscientious about updating his RB Fansite.  Henk's site has grown very nicely over the last couple of years and new things are added every week.  Check it out in the links section to the left of this posting or simply click here: http://fansite.richard-bennett.com.

I am heading in to the studio next week to record a couple new tunes for the ongoing album I've been promising for the last couple of years.  I think this will finally put it to bed and I plan to have it available in April and of course it will be posted here first.

The season is upon us again and I wish you all warm and joyous holidays and only the best in the new year. 


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