Leaning In To Spring

According to the calendar, Spring has sprung.  Don't tell that to the folks in the middle of the country or on the east coast.  Still, the days are growing longer and the clocks have leaped ahead one hour pushing back the dusk even further. Down south the lawns are showing hints of green and buds on the trees are swelling.  Everything's on the upswing and heading in to my time of the year, warmth, light.... Spring/Summer.

I'm also heading into one of my favourite ways to spend those seasons, touring.  I'll be leaving in a couple of weeks for London to begin rehearsals for the 2013 tour with Mark Knopfler.  We'll be doing shows from the end of April through the end of July, a long four month run.  We're all very excited to be out again and back on our own, which means the full-length show instead of the half we'd been doing while touring with Bob Dylan.  I'll get back to vigorous writing again with Notes From The Road once we begin doing gigs.  This coming week I'll be tying up a few loose ends of recording work before leaving.

I recorded a couple new tunes with Sheryl Crow a few weeks ago for her on-going project, did sessions for new comers Jason Eady and Josh Thompson, played guitar on the new duet album by Peter Cooper and Eric Brace and participated on part of a soundtrack for the series "Nashville".

An exclusive interview with me has been posted by Henk Quintelier focusing on my new album For The Newly Blue.  I hope my answers were half as good as Henk's questions.  This link will take you there:

As for the record, it's about one week from release.  The minute it is available I will let you know right here on the site... won't be long now.....