London Rehearsals

Hello from London.  

I arrived a few days ago and have gone several rounds with jet lag, jet lag winning.  I've been coming across the pond regularly for 42 years.  Wow, did I just write 42 years?!?!  I'm not usually bothered by the time change and can somehow flip an internal switch and after a day be on the clock.  Not so this time.  No trouble getting to sleep but waking up at 1 in the morning until 5 then mercifully getting a few hours shut eye before having to wake again and go to rehearse. Anyway, no complaining.  It's always a joy to be here in London, sleep deprived or otherwise especially having just savoured a stunning dinner at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant on Threadneedle Street.  Brilliant food, wine, atmosphere and all at a somewhat reasonable price.

I suppose this is sort of a middle ground up-date, definitely not a Note From Nashville but not really on tour yet either. The first week of rehearsals are going great.  Many of the tunes we've not played since 2010, some we recorded on the Privateering album but not played since then and others have not been played before by Ian Thomas our drummer or Jim Cox our keyboard player.  I'll not give anything away here, but we've been working our way through a lot of tunes and I think there will be some surprises for everyone.

Meantime, I want to thank everyone who has picked up on my newest album, For The Newly Blue.  I really appreciate it more than I can tell you.  It is available through CD Baby and Amazon as well as other downloading sites.  If you go to my website, , it has links to listen as well as purchase the album.  I'd like to invite anyone who purchases the record to write a review at the site it was purchased from.  It really does help other people to discover the music.

This front page will be flipped to Notes From The Road in a couple of weeks once we actually get on the road and I will post daily musings about food, travel, hotels and the gigs.  We're all champing at the bit to start playing some shows again... can't wait.  So, 'til then...

So long,