The Home Stretch

Nashville's autumn has been the most beautiful and mild one I can remember, the colourful leaves hanging on much longer this year.  Only now as I peck this out have they fallen and the forecast of cold weather looms.  It was a good Thanksgiving Day around the Bennett table, all our children, son-in-law, grandson and friends gathered for a cracking dinner.  We all have much to be thankful for.

I received an e-mail on Thanksgiving day from my friend Henk who has put together a fansite.  Saying it was my Thanksgiving present, I clicked on the link to find he had been in touch with many of my mates and co-conspiritors in music and solicited quotes.  I had no idea he had done this or how he got hold of so many people but I was very flattered by what everyone had taken the time to write.  The link to his site is to the left of this posting, click 'Links', then click Henk's RB Fansite if you're interested.

On the work front things have been moving at a moderate pace, not too much or too little.  Among other things, I have been playing on the soundtrack for the network television show Nashville.  My friend Buddy Miller is in charge of all the music this year and has brought me in to help shoulder the guitar duties.  It's a pleasure working under Buddy's baton so to speak and the music has been good, different and interesting.  The actors/actresses actually sing the songs and are there for the recording of each one.  After every song is completed, a photo of the guitar/s that were used is taken and the props department gets one just like it for the film shoot.  Some serious attention to detail going on.

Getting ready to go in and begin a new album for myself in a couple of weeks and looking forward to nurturing another one along.  I'm sitting on a bunch of tunes to get started with having done some writing over the course of our tour this past spring and summer.

As we head into Christmas, here's wishing you all a peaceful holiday and all the best in 2014.


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