Almost Autumn

Hi All,

This website has been up and running for a long time now and it seems that every time I update the front page I apologise for not keeping it more current and promise to stay on top of it.  Well, I've finally figured out that it simply has a rhythm of it's own.... seasonal.  Given that and with no apologies or further promises here's the autumn update.

Technically it's still summer for one more week and I plan to wring every last minute out of the season.  It's been a great summer this year, kind of slow work-wise which has been just fine with me.  I've really enjoyed spending the time home with my family, whipping up barbecues and generally goofing off with little bits of work in between.  The long, slow and hot days are just my speed and I can do nothing better than anyone else in the whole world.

We've just returned from our annual family holiday on the Gulf of Mexico.  I felt slightly guilty as my whole summer has been a holiday but the feeling passed quickly.  We splurged this year and spent three weeks sifting sand, swimming, reading, painting, eating and drinking for America.  We normally go for two weeks and were a little concerned that the extra week might get old.  It didn't.  I could never tire of waking each morning and watching the sun come up over the warm Gulf water.  Between my wife, children and I taking turns with the cooking duties we ate royaly.  Every night topped the previous in creative cooking, a grand slam each evening made even better by enjoying it on the deck overlooking the Gulf at sundown.  We all came home last week completely rested and looking very Hollywood with our tans.  We were back in Nashville for just a few days before flying to Chicago for a wedding.  It's one of the great American cities and my home town as well.  One of the high points was a spectacular dinner at a favourite haunt, The Capital Grille.  I doubt you'll find a better steak anywhere.

That brings us to now.  I'm currently working on the soundtrack to a movie called I Saw The Light, a biopic about Hank Williams.  My friend Rodney Crowell is the music director and he's been working very hard with the movie's star, Tom Hiddleston who will play Hank.  We've already done some rehearsals with him and will begin the actual recording tomorrow and work over the next couple of weeks until it is completed.

After several months I'm returning to the Iris DeMent project that we'd begun in June and will finish that record.  Iris is a completely original artist and this album is very unique though I don't want to tip it off until it's released.

I did some recording last March with my pal and old boss Neil Diamond.  That album, Melody Road is due for release this fall.  It was good playing music with him again after many years and I'm very proud to be part of it.

In October I'll be heading up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio to take part in a big tribute show they're presenting to honour The Everly Brothers.  An evening of those wonderful Everly songs performed by a large roster of stars.  I'm very flattered to hold down one of the guitar chairs in the house band that will play for everyone.

I've been doing some recording with my friend and fantastic singer Dave Peterson as well as having played a few live gigs with him recently.  He's in the middle of a new album and it's always a joy to play music with him.

I wrote a couple of new tunes while we were down there on the Gulf and will get in the studio over the autumn to record and add them to the pile I've already accumulated as I head into the home stretch of my own new record.

All that combined with the usual recording work and this autumn is shaping up to be a good one.  I hope it will be for everyone of you as well.


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