St. Patrick's Day

Hello from Nashville,

It’s St. Patrick’s Day as I peck this out on a clear, bright Sunday morning. We’ve been through an unseasonably wet winter getting in excess of 11 or 12 inches of normal rainfall for this time of year. The rivers and creeks still high and the ground like a sponge, but we’ve had a reprieve the last few days and the week to come promises dry weather. It’s good seeing the sun again and mild afternoon temps.

I want to thank everyone for the great response to the Four Buck Folk e.p. I know the download thing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, nor is it mine, but we all were so fired up about the music and wanted to get it out quickly and simply. At some point toward the end of this year I’ll get back in the studio and do some more recording then get back to the physical format, possibly vinyl as well. Thanks too for the continued support of the Ballads In Otherness record, it’s all greatly appreciated.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this upcoming tour with Mark Knopfler and it’s just a couple of weeks before I leave to begin rehearsals in London. Hard to believe it’s been four years since we did our last touring. These last few weeks I’ve been playing through some songs testing my memory. Pleased to say it’s come back like an old friend. I’m really looking forward to hitting the boards again with MK and that great band.

I’ll be posting from the road again this time, though likely more of a periodical than the daily thing. I don’t know…. we’ll see.

Here we are, just a few days away from Spring and I hope this finds you emerging from the winter doldrums and into the sunshine.


Richard Bennett