New Album "Ballads In Otherness" Available Soon


Well, what do you think?  A new site for a new record….fresh, shiny and still smells of wet paint.

As technology blazed forward I decidedly had not.  It was pointed out, more than once, that my good old site didn’t format well to smart phones and tablet screens and was, to put it kindly, a little long in the tooth.  So, after eight years of faithful and honourable service, we bid adieu to the old and bonjour to the new.  

That said, all the old faves are still here, the notes from the road archives, discography, Nashville news, photos, etc.  No doubt some of the furniture will get re-arranged as we go, but for now, check out the new chassis.

About the record, I’m told that it will be available by mid-July and I’ll put out the word right here just as soon as it is.  This album was a long time coming in part as I was touring most of last year and put it all on the back burner.  The good news is that I did more writing in that time and those tunes are part of Ballads In Otherness.  Until it’s officially available for purchase, we’ll tease you with the cover art and a few words from Neil Diamond.  Also,you’ll be able to listen to some samples of the new music when you click the “listen” link.  Finally, if you engage the “about” link, I’ve written a few words about the making of this music.  

There you have it, new music, new website.  Come in, make yourself at home and kick the tires.