Another Road

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Below is a little something I wrote a few days ago that appeared in Tom Hensley's Post-Bugle Intelligencer... The PBI.  These first handful of dates with Neil Diamond have been like slipping back into a comfortable cardigan and we're all having a lot of fun.  I'm currently back in Nashville for a couple of days as we're playing here tomorrow night.  While I've attended many events at The Bridgestone Arena, I've never had occasion to play there and I'm happy to be able to check that one off the list.


I'll do a little writing here on this page as well as reprinting anything that may appear in The PBI while touring with ND.


So long,










Who said you can’t go home?


After three decades I find myself back on a stage with ND & Co.  Like an episode of The Twilight Zone where I’ve surfaced from a 30 year coma to find I am in the very same place with my long-time muso pals just as I’d left them… only this time around, better.  We’ve had lots of laughs over the two months of prep leading up to the tour and now that we have a few gigs under our belts the fun really begins.  For example, just the other night in Salt Lake City, I was having so much fun I completely skipped a song on that evening’s set list.  Flowers, gone, just like that.  Well, it’s still very early days.


We’ve had some great dinners already; Valter’s in Salt Lake City (Continental Italian) and in St. Louis, India’s Rasoi  (Indian) and Sweetie Pie’s (soul food).  The hospitality suite is up and humming now,, music and a good turn out, everyone taking a swing as DJ. 


What have I been doing these 30 years?  The short answer is; Nashville, producing and playing on loads of records, recording and touring with Mark Knopfler as well as writing and making five albums under my own name.  Scarcely retired.  Still, when the opportunity to join Neil for this  50th Anniversary Tour came up, coupled with some co-operative scheduling, I leapt at the chance to take another lap around the track with ND and this grand bunch of musicians and friends.


Stay tuned, I’ll be writing the occasional column here at The PBI as well as on my own site,  I’m enjoying visiting home again… and who said you can’t?