Paris, France 17 October, 2011

That great record shoppe I'd mentioned yesterday is called Sounds Of The Universe, located at
7 Broadwick Street in Soho.... so, go.

No doubt Guy will post pics of our hotel in Paris as I don't think I can convey it in words but will take a short stab.  Mirrors is a good place to begin.... everywhere, like a carny fun-house.  The cabinets were mirrored, the bathroom that Guy posted on arrival is covered every inch in the stuff.  As for the room it is a well organised collection of casual clutter.  Massive heavily framed pictures and mirrors requiring at least 2 people to maneuver, sitting on the floor and leaned against the walls, not hung.  What little furniture there was, was crammed in around the luxurious king-size bed, it being the best thing about the room but taking up nearly all the floor space. Back to the bathroom, two sinks but no table or counter to put things requiring the use of one of the sinks for toiletries.  Enough, completely over the top. Still, that bed made it a comfortable night and the gym was OK if you don't mind facing yourself on the treadmill in yet another wall of mirrors.

It was a late afternoon drive through this wonderous city to another venue we've played so often... Bercy.  With the usual pre-show routines completed we took the stage and played a great set to a capacity house of 11,000.  We didn't stay long after our part of the show with a 4 hour bus ride ahead of us.  Carl wields that monster of a vehicle beautifully, if you weren't watching the road go by you'd never know the bus was moving. The journey passed quickly with wine, cheese and music courtesy of Jim Cox's i-pod, the play lists so good I didn't want to leave for fear of missing whatever came up next.

We arrived in Brussels, Carl reversing down a narrow pass-way and delivering us safely to the hotel. Another day off tomorrow.

So long,