Rotterdam, Netherlands 20 October, 2011

As I'd put hung the room-service breakfast menu on the knob when last night, I was jolted awake by a loud knock at my door this morning.  No telling how long the server had been trying to get a response.  Duly delivered and signed for, it took the whole pot of coffee to tear through the cobwebs.  Opened the curtains... greeted with a cool, grey drizzle. Down to the gym, the first bright spot of the morning, plenty of elbow room and most everything you'd need for self-inflicted punishment.  I had the place to myself and immediately began looking for the media controls which are seldom left out for guests as was the case, but mercifully the TV and music were low. Best hotel gym of the tour so far.

The trip to the venue was in peak hour and traffic was a crawl.  We've all noticed over these many tours how much more road congestion there is everywhere.  We arrived at last to another old standby venue, Ahoy.  That's not a greeting to the place but the name of it.  I've played here so many times going back to the old days with Neil Diamond.  Just enough time to make a cup of tea, get on stage for a very rushed sound check, quick bite of something in catering, change and play the show.  

It was 4 hours of cheese, wine, chat and music into Luxembourg after the gig.  Poured out of the bus at 2 in the morning into a freezing fog and the hotel.  Sleep.

So long,