Herning, Denmark 2 November, 2011

One day, three countries by ground and a show.

We de-camped Hamburg and boarded our tour bus at 10:30.  It was chilly and solid gray.  As we left the city fog set in and remained for the entire five hour journey to Herning, the day growing darker as we headed north to Denmark.  Pete had a great assortment of cheese and more sausage from Germany, the last we'll have for a while.  We're all big fans of German food and have eaten more than our share of it over the last week or so.  A quiet ride all the way, the dark fog damping the mood.  

We arrived in Herning at 3:30, the venue having been erected in the middle of nowhere, or so it seems.  Herning is in the middle of the country and slightly to the west, appears to be an agricultural centre. The venue itself, Jyske Bank Boxen, is modern and held a capacity 11,000+ for tonight's show. I'm not sure where all those good folks came from but we were given a great reception and they were fantastic throughout.  Our portion seems to fly by each night and we were soon back in the dressing room commenting on how good it was tonight.  Mark then returned to the stage to play four songs with Bob, then it was into the buses for a 4.5 hour journey to Malmo, Sweden.  The trip began with martinis made in a proper shaker and served in sparkling, chilled glasses courtesy of Pete Mackay, followed by generous portions of sushi.  Off to the upstairs lounge, loads of music and before we knew it, we'd arrived.  Sleep.

So long,