Las Vegas, Nevada 27 Oct. 2012

Saturday afternoon we bid a fond adios to Santa Monica, California where we've based for the last week.  The sunny blue skies, Pacific Ocean, Main Street cafes and beachy vibe will be a warm memory as winter approaches.

Back on board the Legacy our hostess Amy served trays of roasted vegetables, sliced salamis and breads for a light lunch on the way to Las Vegas.  I was expecting 95 degrees but when we got off the plane it was very mild.  I don't think there's much 'in between' about Vegas, you either love it or hate it. I'm afraid I fall into the latter camp, having no interest in gaming would be part of it and I find the hotels and downtown grotesque and obscene, I just never got it. Sorry.

Tonight's show was the arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort.  Very spotty attendance, not even the floor was fully seated and the balconies pretty thin.  Those who were there got a great show and were really good to us.  We were all wonderfully relaxed, in fine form and as Glenn Worf is fond of saying... there was a man in every corner.  That would make it an eight sided room, something that exists no doubt somewhere in Las Vegas.

We left before Bob's set was finished, to the airport and back on the Legacy for an upbeat flight to Denver made all the better by tandoori chicken, a delicious vegetable curry, rice and garlic naan, drinks of choice and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Upbeat is really the defining word of this tour, happy to be together and playing music.

We're slowly making our way back east and north, and there was a decided chill in the night air here in the mile high city. Sunday the 28th is another day off, lots of days off on Bob's tour, and as I peck this out it's a beautiful, clear blue, big sky day.

So long,