Broomfield, CO. 30-31 Oct. 2012

Yesterday the 30th was our second show at the arena in Broomfield and like the night before it was a wonderfully confident, but not overly, gig.  

It was a full day leading up to leaving for the venue.  I was awake at 8, coffee and a bagel in the room, down to the gym to gasp my way through 40 minutes on the treadmill followed by my usual measure of humiliation with the weights. Followed by a trip down to Guy's room at noon to do a bit of recording at John McCusker's request for an album he's completing for his wife, the brilliant Irish singer Heidi Talbot. I've been a fan of Heidi's ever since John first introduced me to her and am flattered to be a part of this new record.  With a very simple set up in the hotel room we were able to overdub my part onto two songs.  While I tend to favour more traditional recording methods like a studio and analogue tape, I cannot deny how convenient it is with just a good mic, pre-amp and lap top to record almost anywhere with such little fuss.  It certainly worked out that way yesterday afternoon as I wandered in with a guitar and small amp, in t-shirt and shorts, plugged in, flopped down on the couch with a vista of the Rocky Mountains behind me and did a session.  Mike McGoldrick engineered, Guy helped out with some sonic and musical suggestions and John produced.  Everyone seemed pleased and I couldn't be happier.

After last night's gig we all ended up back in Guy's room for a night cap or two and plenty of great music and vibes courtesy of DJ Fletch.  

Today is Halloween and another day off here in Denver. This morning I met up with an old friend who I'd not seen for 35 years at least, Don Burns.  Don and I came up in the same music store, Skaggs Music Center, in Phoenix through the '60s.  For a while I taught Don and later he took my place teaching for Skaggs when I'd moved to Los Angeles.  He still plays but as things worked out he's made his career for many years as a programming engineer for the Honeywell Corporation and lives just outside Denver. We spent a couple of hours catching up on several decades this morning over eggs and green chili at Sam's No. 3 and promised to stay in touch now.

Later in the day a few of us wandered our way over to the world famous Rockmount Ranch Wear shop. It is still a family owned and operated business now run by Steven Weil, grandson of founder Jack Weil. Jack introduced the first commercially made western shirts with snaps.  He is to western wear what Henry Ford is to the car.  The finest in western shirts from elegantly plain and simple to extravagantly ornate stitching and designs.  Rockmount makes everything themselves and the selection can be a little overwhelming.  I managed to get out of there with only four shirts, but could have done some real damage to my credit card if I'd have stayed longer.  If you ever find yourself in Denver don't pass up the opportunity to go to Rockmount Ranch Wear, located at 1626 Wazee Street, Denver, Colorado 80202. Meantime, check out their beautiful shirts for ladies and men at

Tomorrow we de-camp this excellent city.  While I should be in the gym, I'll probably opt out for one last visit to Sam's before leaving.  

Happy haunting.

So long,