Tulsa, OK 2 Nov. 2012

I may have been in Tulsa before, though can't say for sure, definitely not with Mark K., maybe in the old days with Neil D., but for the life of me I cannot recall.  What I know for certain is the name of this city is in the title of one of my favourite songs.. Take Me Back To Tulsa by Bob Wills.  Wills held a long residency in Tulsa at Cain's Ballroom and with radio station KVOO in the 1930s and '40s.

I'm afraid Tulsa was not explored this trip, no time.  But our show at the BOK Center was firing on all 8 cylinders; relaxed, fun, good sound in our in-ear monitors and top drawer playing all around.  The Tulsa audience very enthusiastic and kind to us.  On this shared bill tour, folks are there to see Bob for sure and it's never a given that they are there for Mark.  Knopfler & Co. never fail to win them over, but last night they were with us from the beginning with a warm reception right the way through to a standing farewell.

We stayed at the BOK just long enough for Mark to joining Bob on a couple of tunes early in his set, then it was onto the buses.  This tour has been a combination of Legacy jet and ground travel.  Tonight was the highway, seven hours of it from Tulsa to Omaha.  I seldom sleep on these journeys... don't like crawling in a bunk but more than that, if I get a couple hours shut eye then wake up when we arrive, I can never get back to sleep.  So I tough it through, drink cups of tea and ride shotgun with Jason our driver.  Last night we were nearly hit head on.  A driver had come up an off-ramp and was driving on the wrong side of the road.  Coming onto a highway via an off-ramp is not something accidental, it means the driver is severely impaired.  Jason jerked the bus off to the side of the road, saved our bacon and called 911.  I hope the driver of that car was pulled off before anyone was hurt.  Well done Jason, thanks.

We arrived at our hotel in Omaha just before 6 this morning.  One guess as to what my next move was.

So long,