Syracuse, New York

We left Boston midday after a tremendous rain and lightening storm blew through the city. Watching it from high above the street out my hotel room window was amazing, at times it was so thick you couldn't see across the street.

I think today will qualify as the latest we've arrived at a venue, barely had time to sit down before it was time to get changed and go on stage. The beautiful Landmark Theatre was opened in February of 1928 as the Lowe's State Theatre and was advertised as "the last word in theatrical ornateness and luxuriousness"...a mouthful but no exaggeration. The theatre holds 2,944 and was nearly a sell out, well played and well received.

A runner after the show to the plane and our tour manager Tim had the most brilliant idea of ribs and wings which he bought bagfuls of from a fabulous place in Syracuse called Dinosaur BBQ. We absolutely inhaled every morsel of it requiring reams of napkins and wet wipes to get it all off our hands. A short flight put us down in N.Y.C. where we'll base for a few days. A day off tomorrow.

So long,